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28 octobre 2012 7 28 /10 /octobre /2012 09:51

Hi again, in this article will be shown just the ways I use to make some money on SL.


The first program is called Earn2Life. It has its own website, here : Earn2Life.

In this program there are a lot of different ways ti make money. Here they are :

- using an item called HUD, you can complete Pay4Visit offers. You go to a location they give you, you ram around for some time, and you get paid. But the money earned in this way is not so good.

- on their website, there are web offers. Due to them you will earn their own money, and you can exchange it for SL money (called Linden dollar L$). Then when you have enough L$, you can exchange them for real money (US$ or €).

- on their website again, you can contribute to their wiki. You can write new articles, translate them in another language you may know, correct mistakes, add some sentences... and you got paid to do that !

- and finally, there are Pay4Observe Reviews : E2L gives you a location, and you have to write a review (a positive review) on it. The more you write, the more you earn.


There are a lot of other ways to make money on SL, but I think that it's more interesting if you discover them yourselves. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and I'll try to answer it. If there are a lot of people asking for more ways, I'll add them here.

Thank you and have nice earnings !


Link for SL presentation : Presentation.

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