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28 octobre 2012 7 28 /10 /octobre /2012 09:22

Hi, in this article I will present Second LIfe to you. What it is. How you can play. Then in another article I will tell you how to make money, using just a few ways.


So, what is Second Life ?

It's a video game, a simulation of our real world. In Second LIfe, you can do everything. In this game, you can for example set up your clothes businnes, or a museum of paintings, or you can be a land owner.


Here is Second Life website : Second Life website.

And here is the link to join : Join Second Life.


Everything. Some people just live with the money they earn in Second Life (we will use SL for Second Life). So if you are motivated, you can completely stop your job, invest some money in SL, and just work at home. But I think that's a bad idea.

In fact, those who work only in SL have to work very hard, because there is a lot of competition. There are no businesses in which you are alone.


But there are some programs in wich you can make some money, and easy money, if you do simple work. It can be promoting their program, referring friends and other people, writing articles, helping people....

But I'll tell you about them later.


Just some words about SL. I created my account in 2009, even if I discovered its potential later, just a few weeks ago.

According to wikipedia, SL was created in 2003, and it is still online today (10/28/2012). Here is the link to wikipedia article is you want more info : Second Life on Wikipedia   .



So, what now ? Now, in another article, I will show you which programs I use to make money on SL.

If you're not interested in this article, here is a link to SL's wiki, in wich you find find some info about making money :  SL Wiki   


And here is the link to my second article : Making Money in SL.

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